Circular Medicine

The Circular Economy is a term that defines an economic system designed to be able to regenerate on its own, thus also guaranteeing its ecosustainability. (1)

In Circular Medicine, ecosustainability emphasizes the protection of the needs of all individuals, in a perspective of universal legitimacy to aspire to better living conditions.

The Circular Medicine, from an economic point of view, acting on the management of chronicity, brings a containment of the costs of public spending, both at a diagnostic prescriptive level and in the reduction of drug consumption, thus guaranteeing its eco-sustainability.

The Circular Medicine is based on the application of the Burgarella Quantum Healing (BQH) ® method with the perception of “Aware Informed Energy”; expresses the will and experience of bringing the principles of quantum physics into clinical practice.

Circular Medicine defines a medical system that, starting from the Medical Semeiotics to arrive at the diagnosis and treatment, also makes use of the Vibrational Semeiology to find a communication language with human biofields and the consciousness by means of the BQH Non-Dual Perception, so to favor, besides the cure, also the healing of the patient, which is always a self-healing.

The Circular Medicine uses, in a sequential continuum:

1) of allopathic medicine, referable to Classical Science based on evidence, respecting the guidelines produced by the International Medical Scientific Societies, with its findings on the cause-effect relationship

2) of holistic medicine, referable to the Science of Possibilities based on the laws of resonance and coherence.

The relationship between the two is in equivalence ratio based on the pathology.

Circular Medicine makes use of the skills of nursing, physiotherapy, health technician and holistic operators in the performance of its activities.

The Circular Medicine, if in the clinical urgency will be based on well-tested methods of surgical and pharmacological intervention, in chronic-degenerative pathologies will prefer to attempt new ways of assistance, such as the non-pharmacological control of pain through the BQH Mitochondrial Massage, the hypnosis and thought forms. For the control of phobias and addictions, methods of dialogue with the unconscious will be activated, including the Regressive Energetic Hypnosis BQH. For the rebalancing of psycho-energetic situations related to mental fields and relating to the sense of belonging, nutrition, sexuality, self-esteem and the ability to give and receive love, techniques linked to the harmonic rebalancing of human biofields will be preferred.

The Circular Medicine in its expression of “Online Consulting” can help the patient, entering “Entanglement” (2), to better manage situations of “chronic low-intensity stress”, in order to decrease the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines at associated with it, which can favor pathologies in the “locus minoris resistentiae”, represented by the organs where there are situations of vulnerability and of less resistance to the pathogenic noxae, for genetic and epigenetic reasons.

Circular Medicine practices the “second attention”, without expectations and without judgment, to appreciate the harmonic or disharmonic movement of biofields and mental fields through the “Human Scanner”, a human ability of non-dual perception of energy and information.

Circular Medicine is able, through the use of words that represent metaphors and therefore possess “energy and information”, to modify in a harmonic sense the perception obtainable with the second attention, to favor states of health and physical well-being.

Circular Medicine, acting in a non-dual dimension, makes use of particular states of consciousness where there is no difference between me and the other by me, entering the quantum state of the “Tangled Hierarchy” (3) to favor the “Transformation “(4).

The Circular Medicine through the Non-Dual Perception BQH interacts with the spins of the hydrogen ions of the water, thus being able to undo clusters that support pathological information, for example in the case of pain or inflammation, restoring the chaotic behavior of the clusters of the water, in that theory of chaos that is the basis of the harmony of life.

Circular Medicine carries out its activity beyond space time. By combining heart and brain in particular meditative states, especially in the group, it can favor perturbations of the gravitational force for the teleportation of the information of the intention of healing. Thus, quantum channels of communication are created, the so-called “wormless”, “magnetic” space-time tunnels that are fixed on DNA sequences and act as a support to communication between the vibrations of the neurons that originate the emitting thought and the DNA of the receiving cells.

Circular Medicine carries out its activity in a timeless manner. In addition to the conception of linear time, it considers the circular time application based on the principles of the quantum physicist David Bohm. In other words, the past and the future do not exist in its implicated order, but everything relates to the present, which is the only geometric expression of virtual reality.

Circular Medicine can access states of consciousness, which represent memory fields that preserve the original information of the past. Entering the Quantum Field, reachable through the meditative space between two thoughts, in the awareness of non-awareness, one has the possibility to perform the Copy – Paste BQH, to obtain the “Transformation” using the principle of “Discontinuity” (5). It is thus possible, instead of disharmonic information, appreciated for example as an energetic block in the present, to “convey” harmonious information, of health, perceived referring to a past time.

Circular Medicine expresses itself epigenetically by acting on gene expression as the teleported information impacts the spontaneous emission of biophotons of transmitting quantum DNA. Consequently, an informational energy pattern is generated which gives indications to the DNA encoding the quantity of proteins to be produced to favor the phenotype based on intention.

Circular Medicine makes use of the principle of synchronicity, thus multiplying a certain degree of “clear knowledge” in it.

Circular Medicine, in the follow-up of the elderly patient favors methods of Distant Healing through the teleportation of the information of the intention of healing.

Circular Medicine can be a valid aid in oncological diseases to better manage the side effects of chemotherapy drugs and in autoimmune diseases it can allow the reduction of doses of anti-inflammatory drugs.

Circular Medicine, in its expression of energetic and informational medicine, can favor apoptosis, programmed cell death and, on the contrary, cellular regeneration phenomena, as it carries out its activity in morphic fields, which are also morphogenetic.

The Circular Medicine provides, for the patients’ relatives in follow-up for chronic pathologies, the teaching of the ability to perceive and use the “Aware Informed Energy”, a patrimony within everyone’s reach after a brief training in the Burgarella Quantum Healing (BQH)® method, to be used for example for the non-pharmacological control of pain.

The Circular Medicine, in addition to acting on the symptom, proposes the possibility of removing the cause of the pathology in place, avoiding the relapses and the evolution towards chronicity.

Circular Medicine, acting in non-judgment and in accepting the present moment, acts maintaining an excellent doctor-patient relationship, based on listening and mutual trust.

Circular Medicine appreciates the developments of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the medical field. By favoring the diagnostic capabilities and the therapeutic indications in real time, thanks to the algorithms and to the enormous “data base” incorporated, the AI will make the task of the doctor easier. This will not be the main advantage, as different dynamics will develop and the doctor will find time to resume his relational role of support and participation in the health problems of his patient.

Circular Medicine, for all that has been advocated so far, favors the presence of very subtle vibrations such as compassion, love without possession, well-being and ultimately happiness.


(1) Ecosustainability is the human activity that regulates its own practice according to environmentalists in the framework of sustainable development, representing this a process of change such that the exploitation of resources, the direction of investments, the orientation of technological development and institutional changes are made consistent with future needs as well as with current ones.

 (2) The Entanglement is intended as the instantaneous connection of everything that has had a connection and is therefore connected with the whole. In the “quantum vacuum “, where everything is interconnected, the Entanglement is the rule.

(3) The Tangled Hierarchy is a quantum principle that we can reach in that meditative state in which there is no difference between me and the other from me: we are both “Aware Informed Energy”.

(4) Quantum Transformation is an innovative way to use energy and information by setting ourselves up as observers with the intention of collapsing quantum particles and producing a vast number of subatomic probability waves capable of transforming into the event desired.

(5) Discontinuity is understood as the possibility of passing from one quantum state to another without passing through intermediate states and obtaining the “Transformation”.

                                                                                          Flavio Burgarella, Bianzano (BG) Italy 31.08.2109